I Finally Did It

Yep. I finally did it.
I’ve been putting it off for quite a while.

I dreaded doing it.

I feared the repercussions but I did it.

I finally told my teenagers we are getting off sugar and gluten.

Besides the blank stares and the crickets chirping, it went well. They also got the news we will be exercising as a family. It’s ok. They’ll live. In fact, Lord willing, they will live long, healthy, happy lives.

Today is our starting point. We are not going cold turkey but transitioning. Here are a few of the changes that have been implemented:

  • The change from refined sugar to a natural sweetener has begun. There is more research to be done in this area.
  • Powdered coffee creamer has been replaced by an almond milk-based creamer. I’m planning to make different flavors. I need my morning coffee to be good.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables are part of every meal.
  • Nuts, seeds, fruit and healthy snack recipes are replacing junky snacks.
  • Healthy soups, stews and casseroles are frozen in individual portions for days when we need something quick and easy.
  • The most important change and, by far, the most necessary change is my personal time management. We will only be successful if I am prepared.

I’ve released myself from the extreme pressure of trying to be perfect with all the changes that need to be made. Today, we’re going to do our best to eat foods that truly nourish our bodies. Today, we are going to do something physical that moves us toward wholeness and healing.

We are on a journey…



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