I am on a journey…

I12728934_10205332585781456_4263205158929663016_n am Cindy. I am a wife, homeschool mom to two teenagers, self-employed medical practice consultant (billing, not clinical) amateur photographer and lover of Jesus.

I discovered a profound love of learning when I began homeschooling in 2012. My love of learning and my desire to change my lifestyle of death-by-food has inspired this blog. I figured the more I knew about the benefits of food, the more I would crave healthier foods. That is exactly what has happened. More and more, I am choosing to eat foods that are good for me and avoiding things that are bad for me. It was a beautiful day when I realized how bad I felt was directly related to the food I was eating.

The information I share on this blog is to provide information. I have no medical/nutritional training. Please think about the information. Do your own research. I do not have all the answers but I am looking for them.

I am on a journey to wholeness and healing.

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