Big Mistake

I’ve been working on improving the quality of the foods we eat at my house for a couple of weeks now. I’ve studied nutrition for a long time and have tried and failed to change. Thankfully, I have more support than I’ve ever had in making these important changes so I know we’re on our way to wholeness and healing (see what I did there?)

As I’ve changed the foods, the foods have changed me. I’ve had more energy, less joint pain and my breathing has improved. The changes have been simple changes so it is exciting to me to feel this different already. When I committed (again) to eating only foods that nourish my body, I also committed to do my best and not feel like a failure if it didn’t always work out.

Sometimes, it’s NOT going to work out.

Last night, I found myself in a situation where I needed to grab fast-food rather than cook at home. Honestly, I COULD have cooked at home if I had been better prepared but I wasn’t. So, we grabbed a burger and fries from one of the better known fast-food joints and gobbled it up. It was pretty good.

Within an hour, I was feeling gross. It felt like the burger was turning flips in my stomach. This morning when I woke up, I didn’t feel as good as I had. I’ve been very tired, I had to use an inhaler on the way to work and my joints hurt. A drastic difference from the way I have felt the last few days.

I’ve had vitamin D deficiency and have been doing a 12-week vitamin therapy. I really contributed my improvements to my vitamin D level getting back to normal. That is, until this experience. No doubt the vitamin D is making me feel better but I feel, today, the same way I felt a couple of weeks ago when I was only THINKING about making changes.61794838_274267556716360_3215901864331575296_n

I do believe nutrition should be top priority in our lives. We don’t have a problem paying 10.00 for one meal at the chicken house but would never dream of paying $8.00 for free-range chicken from the local farmer to feed the whole family AND make a bone nourishing, joint healing, gut healing bone broth. My mindset has been very warped about eating well. It may be cheaper to buy junk but it will be very expensive when the medical bills arrive. Make no mistake, they WILL arrive.