I Am Perfect

That’s right! Perfect!!

I am so perfect at being imperfect.

My family and friends will tell you I start many things and finish only a few. Getting healthy has been one of those things. I have started eating right, made sure we only had good snacks in the house, cooked well-balanced meals, used good ingredients, etc. But, usually due to being ill-prepared, I have gotten messed up and have fallen right back into my old, unhealthy ways.

One thing I CAN say I have done right, is I never stopped thinking about living a healthy life. It was always in my mind to buy better ingredients, whether I did that or not. I have tried to at least get veggies in the evening meal. I have tried to rely more on home remedies and natural care rather than pharmaceuticals and products with scary ingredients.

I have definitely failed.

A lot.

But, I made it my goal to keep on trying. I figure I will get there eventually. Just because I write a wellness blog, doesn’t mean I have it all figured out or that I do everything right all the time. Trust me. I don’t.

Here are a few things I try to do whether I’m doing everything right or not.

  1. Pray. I’ve tried to do this on my own and I just can’t. If God doesn’t do the work in me, I’m going to fail for sure.
  2. Educate yourself. I have watched a lot of YouTube videos and read a lot of articles, testimonials, research studies, blogs, etc. about health, natural living, clean eating, pure ingredients, vitamins, minerals, benefits of the foods we eat, etc. This has helped me so much to have a desire to do better. It has also become second nature in some ways. For example, I can’t bring myself to buy cheap margarine anymore. I know too much! Now that I only eat real butter, you can’t change my mind about the yummy, healthy goodness that butter is.
  3. Start with one change. I started making kombucha. Once I got better with that, I made milk kefir. Then, water kefir. Then, fermented veggies like sauerkraut and pickles. All of these are fermented and I started with them because of their amazing health benefits and because they were super EASY! Now, I always have something being fermented. I drink it or eat it, even if I’ve messed up during the day. I still get THOSE benefits and I’m still doing something good for my body.
  4. Read the ingredients on EVERY package. This helped me to rethink cooking at home rather than buying convenience foods. Cooking at home is much better for me and my family because I have tried to have mostly good ingredients.
  5. Give yourself a break! You’re not going to do everything right all of the time. Maybe not even most of the time. But, if you make a conscious effort here and there, you’ll get better at making more of a conscious effort in other areas. It just takes time. You’re a good person even if you don’t eat right all week. You’re probably tired and run down like I have been but you’re still a good person with good intentions.

I hope some of these suggestions help you make the best decisions for you and your family. It’s ok to NOT be perfect all the time in every area for everyone. Do your best and let God do the rest.