Less is More

I bought a loaf of bread from the local dollar store. If I had a dollar for every ingredient in that bread…


I strongly urge you to research some of these ingredients. The Real Food Forager blog is a great place to start. The cheap loaf of bread I bought at the dollar store will no doubt cause expensive medical bills down the road. It’s time for a change.

This Amish white bread has 6 ingredients and one of those is water. Big difference. It took 2 1/2 hours to make. Most of that time was spent doing other things while waiting for the dough to rise. It was so easy and so rewarding knowing I made a healthier bread for my family.




Julia Child’s sandwich bread recipe is another great one to try. Still only 6 ingredients, one of those is also water. Both of these recipes are tasty and hold together very well for sandwiches, especially grilled cheese. Yum!

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All of these ingredients are staples in the average American kitchen. If you stock healthy, quality ingredients, you will be able to easily prepare healthy, quality meals that nourish your body. Where do you find diglycerides anyway?