Healthy Benefits

Disease Prevention and Risk Reduction

A study of 66,940 women showed that those with the highest flavonoid intake had a 25% reduced risk of ovarian cancer.

A study in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute showed that a high intake of broccoli greatly reduced the risk of aggressive prostate cancer. Broccoli is particularly helpful in preventing cancers of the colon and breast, too.

Broccoli has been proven effective as a food medicine against cancer, heart disease, and many other serious conditions. Because of the sulforaphane in broccoli, it is know as a major cancer fighter.

According to Dr. Paul Talalay, M.D., distinguished Service Professor of Pharmacology and Director of the Laboratory for Molecular Sciences at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, “We now have evidence that the anti-cancer potential of components in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli–and particularly in broccoli sprouts–is longer lasting, more potent, more versatile, and ultimately safer than we ever expected.” They have shown that three day-old broccoli sprouts have 20 to 50 times the amount of chemoprotective compounds found in mature broccoli heads.

The antioxidants, potassium, and folate in broccoli are also helpful in protecting against cardiovascular disease.

Important Point

Dr. Talalay’s research team discovered that as the broccoli plant grows older, the concentration of sulforaphane decreases. Sprouts are the best choice.


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