The body is a machine designed to run on water and minerals. Hydration is one of six elements necessary for a healthy foundation. In order to maintain homeostasis, or balance within the body, each of the foundational elements must be healthy. When our bodies are not in balance, then disease becomes prevalent in our lives.

Why is drinking water so important?

Our body is approximately 72% water and water is used in every chemical reaction in our body.

  • All cells are soaked in water
  • Nutrients and oxygen are transported throughout the body through water
  • Individual cells need water to bring the nutrients and oxygen to them
  • Water is used to cool down the body through perspiration
  • Water lubricates joints and organs (like the eyeballs)
  • Saliva, that begins digestion, is partially made of water
  • Water ensures food slides down the esophagus easily
  • Digestive enzymes are partially made of water
  • Water is needed for hydrolysis, which is where water is separated into hydrogen and hydroxyl substances; these substances react with other substances like sucrose to form fructose and glucose
  • Water is used to help the body remove waste
  • Water helps to detoxify and flush toxins from the body
  • Water breaks down molecules, which is necessary for creating new molecules and generating energy
  • Waste products, dissolved in water, turn into urea and are excreted through the bladder

Mental Health and Water

Our brain is 75% water and controls nearly every one of the body’s processes by sending and receiving electrical signals through the nervous system. Transporter proteins travel to every cell and organ bringing life-giving messages. Those proteins are carried by fluid. If that fluid, mostly water, is laced with traces of chemicals and toxic metals, the result is a delayed or distorted signal. Many experts believe this distorted signal is linked to nervous system disorders like ADD, chronic fatigue syndrome, Alzheimer’s and mood imbalance.

Water and Energy Levels

Drinking enough water directly affects how much energy we have. With just a 5% drop in body fluids, we can experience a 30% drop in energy.

That’s huge!

Too often, when we feel that loss of energy, we turn to sugar and caffeine to help us feel motivated again. Unfortunately, caffeine and sugar are diuretics and cause the body to lose water. Of course, this results in even more energy loss and a dependency on artificial energy.

I have just completed the second course in my journey to naturopathy. The first thing we studied was bringing the foundational elements into balance. I am so thankful for this vital information. It has made a huge difference in my life. One of the first things I changed was how much water I was drinking. I began drinking half of my body weight in water everyday.

The difference was phenomenal!

I went from barely able to function because of exhaustion and brain fog to clearer thinking and energy.

Real energy!

Many days I would sit at work feeling so bad that I would have to drink coffee every morning just to make it through until lunch when I could lay back in my car and take a short nap. Then, when I got home, I would drag myself up the steps into the house, collapse on the bed and just lay there exhausted.

Adding water and reducing caffeine and sugar has made all the difference for me. It wasn’t easy to get all that water in everyday, at first. I made a point to gulp my water every time I took a drink. Pretty soon, I was drinking it all everyday and then some. Now, I go looking for my water bottle. It is so worth the effort.


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