Coffee Creamers

I have been on the hunt for good, healthy coffee creamers. Here are the ones I’ve tried and what I thought about them:

Clean Eating Coffee Creamer-This was appealing to me because it only has 3 ingredients. I like that it is made from almond milk. It didn’t turn my coffee that pretty light brown that I like but it’s tasty and mildly creamy. I really think this would make a fantastic latte more so than my daily cup o’ Joe.

Coconut Oil Coffee Creamer-This creamer quickly moved to the top of my favorites list, even over my old way of doing things. The base is coconut oil. If you’ve never used coconut oil, you may think it would be greasy in your mouth. It’s not. It makes coffee very rich with a hint of coconut (depending on the quality of your oil). It does moisturize my lips, which I love. This recipe also has honey, cinnamon and, best of all, cocao powder! I used 100% cocao, which has so many health benefits. It didn’t turn my coffee that light brown but it turned it a deep, rich brown with a delicious chocolate flavor. It seemed more like hot chocolate than coffee. I’m down with that!