SOCC (Shrimp, Onion, Carrot, Cabbage) Stirfry

The name says it all. This is a super easy recipe and very quick to pull together (depending on how fast you can chop veggies).13978340_10206563812281349_896471193_o

1 head of cabbage

3 carrots (or more if you really like them)

1 onion

1 bag of shrimp (I use frozen)

3 tbsp of coconut oil or olive oil

Seasoning-I’ve been experimenting with seasoning. In this recipe, I used turmeric, cumin, curry, salt and black pepper. I tossed it in. I didn’t measure it but I used it lightly because I didn’t want to lose that good veggie and shrimp flavor. I have made this with just salt and pepper and it was good. Use what you have.

I used an electric skillet but, of course, this can be done on the stove with a large skillet.

Heat the oil in the skillet. Add onions and cook until they are fragrant. Add carrots and cabbage, mixing them in the oil until they are slightly coated. You can add a little more oil if you need it. Hey, it’s healthy oil! Put the lid on the skillet and let the veggies cook down some.

Once the veggies are mostly tender, move the veggies to one side and add the shrimp, coating them with the oil in the skillet. I usually put the veggies on top of the shrimp. They hold the heat on all sides for the shrimp and get that good shrimpy flavor. Shrimp doesn’t take very long to cook. Once it becomes a pinkish color, it’s done.

My family loves to eat this with Yum Yum sauce. It’s better without it, in my opinion.